hammocks are cool

You might consider lying around all day in a hammock as a privilege only for the super-rich or an indulgence of the lazy.   It  does sound  lazy, I’m aware, but, nonetheless, it’s desirable rich or poor.

I wanted to write and post about a cool product I found recently while on vacation.  I have always though hammocks were cool, but this hammock made me realize that I had been missing out or had misjudged predecessors.  Truly luxurious and gratifying, this hammock experience was memorable and something I  wanted to take home from my vacation.  I decided to track down the vendor and discovered the reason for my curiosity and intrigue.  These hammocks were made by someone who understands the hammock life.  They are authentic, Mayan hammocks that are supple, durable and super comfortable.


They are the perfect  for an afternoon nap, but they might also make a reasonable, permanent sleeping situation.  Connect with Surf City Hammocks to find what you’re looking for….  Hammock love.

Go check it out…  link here out to the store.

Aria Appleton is almost complete

So, I mentioned, a few months ago that there was a family film out there you should check out, but it wasn’t quite finished yet.  This is just a post to alert you that the film is now in post production and expected to hit theatres this holiday season or next Spring.

I know many of you are always looking for wholesome films that are well-written and good for all ages, and this movie certainly falls into that category.

More information is posted on their website http://www.AriaAppleton.com

Directed by Nathan D. Myers


Go check it out!

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